It's their job to say NO

Your job is getting them to YES.

A college admissions and HR managers' job is to say NO. They have hundreds of applicants with superior credentials vying for your spot. They need a reason to pass you by.

So no matter how smart you are on paper, if you don't stand out you face a major obstacle in getting their attention. It's no longer all about SAT scores, GPAs, community involvement or percent of increased business.

Here's how to do it.

You could donate a new science building. Bring in a multi-million dollar business. OR, show them how you'll add value to their college campus or organization.

This is not the time for subtleties. Your story has to grab them by the collar and clearly communicate; Who you are. What you stand for. Why you're different. What makes you interesting. Remember to make sure your authentic and unique voice comes through. It's crucial to your success.

Because if you don't, there's a line of candidates a mile long that are laser focused ready to take your spot.

I'm Jack, The Life Brander.

I help create your distinct personal brand – your LIFE BRAND.

Life Branding enhances your opportunity to get into college, secure your first job, or take that next step in building your career.

The Process
Life Brands are designed through my 3-Step Developmental Process (outlined below) which implements the same tools and techniques I've utilized for decades to build and revitalize brands for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and individuals.

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The Life Branding Process.

In answering these questions you'll be able to make sure who you are, is what others really see.

STEP 1. What makes you, you?
What emotional feeling or experience will you deliver that makes you unique and memorable?

STEP 2. Why should they care?
It's a tough world out there. It's your responsibility to let the people you want to know what it is about you that they should care about. Tell them why you will be an asset to join their community. What added value do you possess that they can't live without? Make them want to care.

STEP 3. What's your story?
You have to believe there's something interesting and special about your story. Find it. Bring it to life. Tell it.

The most important step to YES

Your unique voice. Memorable image. Powerful differentiation. Your Life Brand is just a click away. Reach out to Jack and begin to stand out!